Board Games For Samurai Wars


Hello, I’ve come with a new idea that doesn’t reqire any updates.
My proposal to Samurai Wars players is to make a board game out of this game.
A way to play it like a board game is to invite a friend over that has Samurai Wars and make a board of a map with checkers and dice. This map will act as your territory boundaries and the start of your campaign.
You can control the rules and set the starting values and such, but the use for Samurai Wars is to use it as a decision if you gain or loose territory and a setting for battles and wars.


Your idea’s really interesting. But, it’s up to how the dev executes it.


I think @Blue_Eye meant to use the game as-is without modifications, manually tracking progress at the campaign level. Interesting idea and certainly doable with an appropriate set of rules. My long term goal is to support these kind of campaigns within the game.


Yeah and how about the production of the sets of games? That would cost money marking it !! But …when you make. A video game you don’t really spend money unless for more dev/workers and improvements…but sounds like I guess a cool idea

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@nikodil @Blue_Eye


I think it is an interesting idea in fact. However, it would only allow you to do it with friends and meeting physically. Ideally this campaign layer should be part of the game, and I guess Nicodil has well noted it.
Nice contribution!


You can just make a map on a piece of paper and play on that.