Bounty For Blasphemer Centurion


Lol I don’t like ganging up on people especially with those kinda skills and when they call themselves king lol just let him call himself king…:cold_face::man_shrugging:t2:


Shurda will you join our quarrel?






Bring the drama my cohorts ready


You are as weak as a leaf


My Janissaeries and Malays can counter that


I hereby quit


Lol as soon as you ran through I’d light you on fire and close your point of exit…ahh I love burnt bodies in the morning :cold_face:


JK I’m not quitting


The whole clan to the slaughter


It isn’t Fair. We were lagging.


My Malays can cut your Hastati and Legionnaires and our Arabs And Bedouins can Shoot you off our Turks can fire their Cannons at you. Our Pakistanis will fight you on the hills. And the whole Ummah will come after you


The Malaysians are nothing to my Norwegian knights and my Spanish knights lol


Your Spanish knights will crush at the hands of the Arabs your Norwegians will get destroyed by the Kazakh horses and men my Janissaries will crush your Norwegians and swedes


So how did Siigurd the first in challenged by and Muslim army lol


Don’t argue over petty topics


If The Ottomans Defeated the Hungarians and Austrians in Vienna You would be dead and if Khalid ibn Al walid was still alive the whole world would be Muslim




Slayer if you keep it up you’ll suffer like the Muslims at Vienna when the winged huzars arrived