Bounty For Blasphemer Centurion


I’ll send my hashashin after you :cold_face:


I’ll keep it up


We will send in the whole Muslim ummah the hashasin the Khabirs the Akhtaris the Malay regimen


U keep it up I’ll retaliate


I might be against my superior but almost all the great leaders did that General.S.Patton,Khalid ibn al walid RA


Even our founder Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj


I’ll stop I’ll keep it down but if u attack I’ll retaliate Mroz I tell you I

Will retaliate


Centurion Remember this we will be coming for you



Update on The Blasphemous Centurion. We SOF Have an ultimatum for you @Centurion1 you Take Off the Title of king and you will be spared and you will be jailed for going against His Majesty Emporer James Wellborn I . This is your last warning Centurion we have More than you. Expect us to catch you. All other charges will be held in court of SOF. And if you are guilty. Death Sentence.You have been charged for Article 170:Any person who has declared war on The Emporer will be sentence to death.That is all.~HailTheSlayer. We Will Be Coming

Long Live The Emporer James Wellborn

And God save him And his Empire!


I see the reply very long


But you offended us


Lol i care not for your laws of average soldiers to address your :crown: you must be of elite status the only one of your clan that bares this title is @Zhao_Yun and even he has resorted to the cowardess tactics of crni when faced with my cohort but non the less is of elite status but is seldom seen. So come with better skill and you will have my attention till then you can see your clan cower from my presence on the battlefield as i eat up your empire like a beast with the stomach of a bottemless pit


I am The Voice Of The Empire


I am also an elite Second in command of the Mroz House


Also We a have the most elite players


You are only one


You may call yourself elite but your skill will speak the truth and has so spoken and has denied you the status. Feel free to conquer my relm by facing me in battle use your victories to conquer my relm i am blue

but if you lose your empire(tan) shall suffer the consequence of your attempt to challenge a :crown: above your skill




Who is red