Bounty For Blasphemer Centurion


You,are inferior


You are nothing like the emporer


This is true i am nothing like your emperor i am above your emperor as the heavens are above the earth


You are the emporer of shit


He is the emporer of the empire


God is the emporer of the heavens and earth ALLAHU AKBAR


I waited for you for 2 hours you never showed up lol


And you would have kept waiting i was at work. When im available when have i ever turned down a battle against anyone


It was 10 o’clock lol


Do u not think people work at 10 lol


Ya at Walmart lol 10 pms very late to be at work😀


Ok battle me now


TEKBIR.Allahu Akbar


Did u battle


Did u battle?




Guys you know what happens when you eat to much taco right well…uh help


When j get a new device I will face you and destroy you in a head to head battle , I dont need to camp to win unless I am lagging , I’ll be back on this game very soon. Dont wory


Look foward to it​:+1::slight_smile::hocho::gun::bomb::dart::skull: