Bounty For Blasphemer Centurion


Don’t worry cent we are coming






Cool pics but they carry no weight were are your screenshots of victories over me all my pics carry SS of your fallen comrads


The first time i ever played you, it was in a custom match on your own battlefield, and I decisively defeated you. Lately I have been spending more time on things like playing basketball, lifting weights, and having sex with beautiful women, while you have been camped out on samurai wars seemingly all day every day. And the painting you posted is a very bad knock off of a much better classic painting of Vercingetorix surrendering at Alesia. Long story short, grow up. You may be good at samurai wars, but you’re not that good, and you suck at life. That is all.


Lol i got a beautiful wife so i got in house pretty pussy daily while your out claiming about having sex your probly jacking off to all the beautiful women on the internet you wish u could have. I lift weights to got a bench IN my house just haven’t been lifting lately and ill ball all over your ass ill be hitting 3s and driving threw ur ass maybe lol and i have a job and pay my bills im just that good at this game this is the shit i do in my free time cause i love this game not even ps4 games top this maybe online modern warefare tops it but u cant carry a ps4 in your pocket


You can’t even spell kid. Grow up. You are an embarrassment.




that escalated quickly


Lol i think ur the kid outa the both of us im the grown man, boy go ride your scooter outside :sweat_smile:. It aint grammer class buddy no need for correct punctuation so i ain’t spell checking




WaitinNBaitin Looks Older but sometimes appearance does deceive


He might Be Excersing 24/7


I think this is better


For me


Or too classy