Bugs & crashes in gameplay


Great idea this game, but…9 out of 10 times it crashes and bugs! Damn pitty…


Could you describe the bugs and crashes, do they happen at certain points, and how often? What device and OS version are you using?


Thank u for the reply! I am using ipad4, am not sure what os, but I did the latest update! For example when an online game starts, while positioning the troops, I notice that the game has crashed and I can only move my guys while the opponent is still, if I bombard with arrows and muskets, nothing happens to the opponent (who is frosen by now) and if I engage in close combat, all my guys get slaughtered and the opponent doesnt loose a single unit (even if samurais attack bows). And when it happens I cant exit the game and have to close the app. This happens 19 out of 20 times.
Not being able to exit the game happens in sandbox mode aswell, very often. Sometimes you cant choose a map during sandbox. Sometimes u cant change session even before everybody has pressed ready. The big circular icon with “play” in it doesnt disappear in sandbox mode. Actually I dont understand the point of sandbox, since am controlling both armies, but that might be a misunderstanding on my side! Sometimes when I try to press on a unit, it cant be done and one can only move the map instead.
Once all my enemies units routed for no reason and new ones kept appearing out of nowhere, so in the end routing units flooded the whole map…and I had to close the app, because I couldnt exit the game session.
Well these are some of the bugs and crashes…its a shame, because the few times that it works its a pretty damn good game…


Starting the match is the most difficult part…


I can’t sign in with my google account, it doesn’t work at all, it could be because I have the same username for google and this account but I don’t think it would because it doesn’t load at all