Bunai Region, War of indefinite attrition


If you can, you should probably make a custom flag for your profile pic, it’s not required, but it’s helpful to easily identify your place in the storyline. I also recommend changing your flag based on alliances. Again, not necessary, just helpful.


Yes about how the Sam hell.do I change that


I can change it but to show my clan but like I said we hold no loyalty I can be bought so I will not carry no other clan flag in to battle


Okay. For your flag you’ll probably need a computer to design a custom one, but again, it’s not required.


I made a separate forum for battle times, contracts and transactions. Feel free to take a look.


Will do …


I will join on the side of the Kurushimi. I’ll play either the first or second general.


You’ll need to get some armies on your side. One person for each regiment.


Also if your going to be creating custom maps …i said if , try to have set army of each is strenght also just help the story …for me just example my clan is fast moving warriors so horse army would make a lot of sense oh one more thing if you did to do this you could make a map with hills forming a square but a open center and it could be the city


I heard the word mercenary~


Shall the Mercenary Army fight in defense of the Kurushimi?


My tribe will fight for the highest bider


If a contract is made with the kurushimi then yes we will fight but other wise no


I don’t see a reason not to. Unless they can’t afford it…


Uvoxyuwin I challenge your merc army against my nomadic army


Hmm, that’s a bold move to say the least. But I except.


Then see you on the battlefield merc general


Up to you.


May I join as a regiment under gen nomerac??? (1_3)


You have to join a c one of the factions