Bunai Region, War of indefinite attrition


I’m I involved with is or not? I don’t remember… xD


Don’t think so think u were just getting mixed up bet chats​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Can I be general 3 my in game is general loi ti do


You are defending the main city I believe.


Please respond


Am I involved?



Well I’m defending the city I guessed.


Can I be general 2 please


I have come back, await my battel


:wink: you got it. :ok_hand:


Idk, I think I’ll let this be community based storyline until I have more free time. :joy:


Yeah, just pick your side. I didn’t expect so much attention and I don’t have much free time, but I’ll organise the roster shortly. :joy:


In which army??


I don’t believe you’ve actually named what regiment you assist in, I’m checking the transactions forum post here in a moment, I think you operate under normac by commerce transaction, he pays you to fight, so I suppose you would be assigned under him as one of his regiments. I’m checking the transactions post to see if there have been alliances made. :joy: Wish I had more free time to organise all of this.


Thanks to everyone joining. I expected this whole thing to actually kick up much later than it did. I still have life stuff going on and I’ll arrange everything shortly. For now just have hobby battles, the storyline remains unaffected until we have a full roster. If you know someone that shares an interest in this kind of stuff feel free to invite them.


Hi guys is this still operational can I join


Yes, which clan are you wanting to join and what place do you want within it that is available?


May I join




It’s been 2 years walao oh my god