Can anyone tell me about The Katana their Advantages and disadvantages πŸ™ thanks


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I am loyal to only one


And that is James


So then to a inferior player u shall serve


I serve The one below gods dust


The one who was rightly appointed


They are medium units not the elite but not the weakest units they are in the middle best used as reserves befor the elite units and after the pikes there moa moral is in the middle


From what I understand Pikes are Vulnerable when surrounded


Pikes are your weakest units they are best used 1st there moral is greater when the full army is intact but will break if there in the face of routing men especially range or cav


So what is the strongest ?


Iv Damke


Thats what I’m trying to say. Their flanks are vulnerable.


I just found it out


After a match with a Unnamed player


Why are you Alexander now it’s Alexander the Great Right?








Hmmmmmmm mm