Can you make it so you can hide units in the forest


Please make it so that you can hide units in the forest


I agree it should be an added feature.


That could be used only in the beginning of deploy mode but should have a set time limit as to not drag on the match


Yeah, but I think there should not be a “cap” on how long you can play but I see your point, however having a time frame may cause one to make rash decision that may change the course of a battle, the solution: If both players agree to click the fast forward button then that could work.


But I totally respect your idea and I guess anything is better than nothing.


I agree with making stealth part of the battle, since it could bring up new strategies.


I think a quick time battle would be a nice feature, u could set to where both players agree for the quick timer therefore causing both players to instantly start attacking and whoever’s formation is better will have the upper hand

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Like a real battle sometimes u have to make rational choices both don’t decide that it is ok it’s battle there is no waiting in real battle but I see we’re u are also coming from