Can't log in to game on computer


When I try to log into my account using a windows 10 machine at it doesn’t work. I am able to log into the forum, but I would like to use my computer for map making.


What web browser are you using?


Good question. I usually use chrome and get "Unknown Error"on the log in pop up box.

I just tried on IE 11 (only because it is the only other browser on the work computer) and the log in box just disappears with out giving me an error or logging me in.

I will try again on Firefox when I get to my own computer.


It’s a known problem, it doesn’t work with Chrome or Edge (and IE is not really supported). It should work on Firefox so try that one. It’s security related and I will need to rewrite the authentication process for it to work with Chrome.


Yeah, I’ve always used Firefox.


lmao, windows 10 “machine”.


I thought about using “box” but that slang is less common.