Can't Play a Game


Game will not start when a player joins…

Practice works fine.

Can't get off the picture thing at the start?

game will not start


Ik I can’t get on either


I’m very confused as to how you get off the picture thing at the start and create a game, only got it today and have been hugely confused. I must say that the pictures are nice and interesting, very good Japanese art. Wonderful. Anyway if anyone’s kind enough to tell me how to do so I’d be extremely grateful as the game looks like an excellent game to play. Sad I can’t get on.
Thank you


@0901 Did you join a match and click Ready and then nothing happens? Are you using WiFi or cellular?


U should do a video tutorial of all features especially on how to hold and move all units like one that uses screen shots of field expaining high ground and low ground and what they mean to archers. Simple concept of cav and there uses such as hit n run. Just to give every 1 a better understanding of how game works or a youtube link explaining the game concept and other deaper stratigies