Can't play multiplayer


One of my favorite features of this game is the multiplayer battles, but for the last couple updates, I can’t play it. I would join a match, select ready, and when the other player readies up and starts the battle, all it does is show the background and background music ( the paintings of samurai ). Is anyone else having this problem? It’s really bothering me… please fix it! ( playing on IPhone SE, with good LTE connection )


I noticed that one of the servers had a network problem, try again and let me know if you still have problems.


Its happend to me once or twice but didnt continue mabe ur phone is to old or internet to slow


My phone isn’t old, and I’ve got really good internet connection. This has been happening for the last couple months, with latest IOS and all. Every other day I come and try, but nothing. I’ll just hope next update fixes everything


The game is laggin not sure if adding all these new features has anything to do with it but anywho legend of a game one thing I have noticed is photos won’t load ? Screen shots of games … does the photo need to be a certain size now


Btw I’ll take that castle of ease lol