Centurion character avatars


A little back story to my avatars. I will try to stay true to characteristis. Giving not only me a different challenge of tactics but also my opponant a different challenge in def or attack
Centurion the reckless-battle tactics. Specializes in calvery charges. Uses a seemingly disorganized formation he is young and still perfecting his technique but when he is succesful he causing armys to brake to there nees and quit or is distroyed by his impatient nature all or nothing. Request a set time challenge for me to meet you on the battle field .im mt timezonecomes. The units come with relentles skermishers fast speed and ferocity without regaurd for there own lives if you come across this logo in the battle field . ask for a slow battle and i will alow for your army to set but will attack with calvery and full army not for bigginers and experts may have some success if they play it right if you are new ask for mercy this Centurion is kind. …bbbf6b993d23f9b45911adce97d2b864
Centurion the old- skilled patient and wise tactical and will use a formation suitable for the situation. Will take his time or use speed whatever tactics to get the victory. He’s a retired but he’s been in the game of war , he has no peace in family life and yearns to spend histime in battle and command till he can no longer mount his horse. Indeed the worst has happend centurion the old has indeed fallen fromhis horse, A battle was fought against Almighty a formidable opponent the battle took place in the central lake he was chasing routing men. He looked to his men to the far right assess the battle field, failin to see the border wall was fast approaching ,his horse jumped failing to brace Centurion was thrown from his horse, breaking his Femer, you will come across this Centurion in a few moons.

Centurion the strength-formation if given proper time will form in a long straight formations the general and cav are aggressive counter chargers,are prone to aggressive counter moves, will attempt to surround opponant if possible, his stratigy *involves(kiting and alot of faints)


Centurion the fury- He comes direct and gets to business rather quick but can be subtle depending on the opponant