Champion's Hall


I belive my glitch is fixed. I can play at 4:00est. Till then!


I work tomorrow until 2:00 pm PST. I can fight anyone anytime after that.


``Just fight now in game name?
Anything happen if I lose?


Glitch not fixed. I’ll contact you whenever I can, my challenge still stands to Noremac


Sir yes sir


The Asskicker won tonight’s match tying for most victory points. The seat of glory is now empty. I challenge @WaitinNBatin4U69 to face me same time tomorrow to decide the next champion.


54240 kills and screen shot is broken fk my life


Just as a question do you get two pints if you win a 1v2?


Fk autocorrect.


Working now


Hmmm That is a good idea. Let the next champion rework the rules.


Who won? You or asskicker?


I haven’t been playing much. The new champion will be decided in the Champion’s Tournament. Registration will end tomorrow.


I challenge @nikodil for he seems like a worthy opponent!