Chosokabe clan of the tosa province recruiting!


And maybe it would be better putting the fort in the middle of the mapp, but on the other side at the exit point of the defenders maybe is not a bad idea


Did I put it on the wrong side?


Well if its on the exit side of the attacking force it would be really unfair!


Exit side is the side is where the player on the right spawns right?


Just make sure a whole batallion can fit through the entry ways.





I would like to join chosokabe clan of the tosa province


Are you not in Blood Lotus?


No I’m not


confusing as fuck.


Aren’t you in blood lotus?
But you can join my clan if you like
(I’m not a good player)
So help around here would be nice


Does that I have lotus in my name make me member of blood lotus?
I can be your samurai.


They have like a symbol
(This ❁)


Should I get a symbol?
(Maybe this ✼ or this ❊)


So am I accepted?


Of corse!


Now help me chose a symbol.
Also what rank do you want to be?


I will be a samurai
Why do you want to change the symbol


A symbol to put next to name so you can be identified as part of the chosokabe.