Chosokabe clan of the tosa province recruiting!


I think I should just make them post a picture of a victory.
Also I haven’t been playing for a while so I’m bad well I’ve always been bad but I’ll try to actually play more.


Ya theres no shame in being bad theres simple ways to win i used to lose alot but then i figurd out tricks to the game multiple movement is what really made me goodplay territory wars doesnt require you to be good . using gold earned in @Noremac game can buy you territory stratigy is the most importaint trying to own states to get state income


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Hay misuki wana be in the game im making


I’m gonna be away for a while so second in command is lotus




Yo my boy we need to battle


Wow our ally clan is also dying




Ya your clan is RMG ally


Message to samurai and ashigaru of clan Chosokabe
There has been increased bandit activity in the Tosa province. Villages and farms has been burned and raided.

Our honorable Daimyo’s Second in command Lotus_Platoon is requesting for help in stopping the bandits from making more chaos.

To help in stopping the bandits send screenshot of won battle againt anyone.

Lotus Platoon


You may use any screens posted here you can put in territory wars if they qualify gold status


Every screenshot grants you one renown
@Japanboys @Toshiyoshi

Lotus_Platoon: 0
Toshiyoshi: 0
Japanboys: 0


Hey everyone I’m in the hospital right now so I have time to check up how’s everyone doing?


How are YOU doing?