Chosokabe clan of the tosa province recruiting!




Are you ok what happened, hope your doing well


But why are you in the hospital?




My dad had a accident so I’m in the hospital with him.


Oh. Sorry to hear that. Hope he is ok.


Thank you. :smiley:


What’s the renown thing?


Hope he’s good Thats unfortunate but atleast you get some time to catch up with dad.


Sorry to hear your in the hospital hope you get better very soon




No problem


Hope your dad getd well


Daimyo misuki i am genral sagara Yoshiharu of the oda clan in the Owari province and my daimyo has requested that i for my lord shall ask for youre alliance


If you seek an alliance you should aid in his ever depleating territory in territory wars he is in need in expanding his territory were you might also want to aid and raise am empire of your own


Ok i will assist but only from me lords aide and examples that we can agree on unity


Thereis his territory he lost the influence of 1 general and more are soon to follow in the deserting general of there is no post ok there name


Daci is it or napoca?


Nvm i see it and i will assist him


There main state is Roxolani were the strange ships landed and took the area threw force they also own a piece of Basternae and a tower were the green tower is

that is