Clan Application?


I am Dol a Tengoku Jidai Finatic having great knowledge on the Great Oda and Takeda clans of Japan. I Understand many battle tactics of many eras. Of the about 8 games I have played against others I have lost only one against a worthy opponent where I have made many Mistakes.

And I love Cav :smile:

My Highest kill score in survival is 1945

If you want me in your clan just invite me below, and Thanks :smiley:


I also still havent mastered chatting in this game (I type in stuff but dont know how to enter it in)


I wanna to join


XD im applying to any fac that wants me tbh


The Mercenary Army is open to thee. You shall be tested first to see how you might benefit the Mercenary Army. Join the SW Discord server first here. Then we can easily organize a match.