Clan economy system ( any suggestions welcome )


Im suggesting an economy system
Each province will have a resource that are

Horses $5
Coal $1
Marble/Granite $15
Iron $10
Gold $25
U can use RNG (click for link) to assign the resources
Everyday you gain one of the resources
For example
I am trading with you
You have iron, i have wood
I would then gain +1 iron and +1 wood
Each player has 3 armies at the start
Each defeat will cause him to lose 1 army
Armies can be recruited with $1000
For each province, you gain $10 in taxation
But for every army after your 3rd, you -1 province worth of taxation
For example i have 4 armies and 2 provinces
As i have 1 amry over the limit, i only can collect $10


Sounds cool