CLEARLY TOP 4 - no debating - 🔮



The Great One, Centurion, Nox, Bob, Chik

no debating


I just beat Centurion 4 times in a row! Just for the debate…and beat u inbetwen…for the second time in a row!


And he put himself up there…thats interesting…now u remind me of Charlie Z!


3 times 1 time it crashed that dont count, unless you count those, i dont but to each his own😀 1 I was trying a new tactic to stop you from fleeing or “kiting” unlike others i will try new tactics but your kitting is 1 dimensional and simple but to stop it is much more difficult you are the master of fleeing not many do that many find it cowardice i dont care but its difficult to prepare against because its time consuming and boring. Your the level in the game that everone hates to play cause its long and slow😀


But i made my bed now i got to lay in it :grin:


Hate the tactic enjoy the challenge​:confounded::unamused::confused::joy::joy::grin::grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::flushed::grin:


Forget those challenges where u decide rules n conditions! In games people have to aggree on rules…u missed that important part! And even if u dont count that time u did not see my avatar for the game…u still got beat…so yes…in total 4 today


And ur excuses…comon…“I was trying tactics bla bla” pls


Was this the fifth time Cent?


And yea maybe u were trying tactics…but dont use it as an excuse afterwards! Keep it to urself…say gg…take ur loss like a warrior…or just take ur loss like a warrior n dont write gg


Next time i play u u will have to engage i will not what so ever. You will have to play offence i will tell my clan to run just like you and not engage or bearly engage to show you how your tactics there frustrating and cowardice so i guess your better at 1 tactic i just played your offline avater that you tried to use to avoid playing me. those terms are fair there in no way a crutch i have a kid n wife its hard to chase your ass around an hour without a distraction if your to pussy to meet those terms suffer the loss. how do you think people feel playing your tactics if im not constantly watching screen you attack im to busy for all that just be reseanable man i give you a good battle everytime you occasionally give me a good battle ya you win after hours and im usually distracted being you kite alote leading to over drawn games but its no fun playn u bro when you kite if you kite and fight then its fun but if im playing pac man with you its frustraiting but like i said its your tactic and i wont ask you to change your tactic but dam bro understand i aint got alo of undistracted time i have some but your matches a ridicules somtimes


I didnt till u boosted


I didnt say a dam thing till i seen your post about beating me 4 in a row


:joy::joy::joy: what would this be without my 2 favorite children…


Nope not me probly another person you ran from to death forced the poor guy to quit you deserve
these since you like to dance :high_heel::high_heel:


Yea tell ur clan, tell everybody to do my tactics against…just squatt…run…thats what I want u to do! Daaamn Centurion ur desperate…That ur all time great here “The Great One”…and Centurion…just dont forget to update the map



I can’t wait till the ranking system is put into place


Anyone want to know the best hangover cure :sake:
Water :bug:


Sour cabbage juice…trife soop…all better than water!


And yea NOX…how bout a battle


Water before a drink and after keeps the brain hydrated