Coalition to defeat HailTheSlayer


People in Conquest of Europe we have a power hungry man his name is @HailTheSlayer unite against him i have made a treaty with @TheHorseLord And his SOF


I am on sof


Çene cehıneme


I shall not Recognise this treaty I have the great one on my side.He and I have signed a treaty of friendliness.And about the blockade don’t worry I have The Malacca sultanate and the Ache sultanate with the Mughals in India and the Parsi in Iran.Your blocade will do nothing


I must also sign the treaty of friendliness for my clan mate


You will join me?


I’m gonna march on Poland and Spain I would have joined but Mroz and Kiyan didn’t give me what I wanted


I say the great one can go fuck himself with his great dick lol since he is great allover :rofl:


Сука блядь ‏иди нахуй


Да блядь пошалуйста


? :confused: