Conquest For Spain


What if you battle me for it?


I have aragon all of it and the bask country that’s where my family is from and it has never been taken by Muslims and never will




When’s the next map update


We’ll see about that lol


Do you guys fight eachother when you have no more land to win??




Hahaha Aragon is the land of my Spanish ancestry it will not fall while it’s in my control


TEKBIR .The Muslim ummah will rule the world


If you so want it face me and Burak


Hail let’s finish this


To the Christian league,

From Sultanate of Hail.
In the name of god the most merciful

The territory of Extremadura will be taken by us The State of Castilla Mancha Reigion de Murcia,Valenciana,Cataluna And Asturias


We the Sultanate of Hail will Call upon the Christian league to release Muslim prisoners captured


You will pay tribute every Month,if you don’t You will perish. Aslim Taslam


To the Muslims. This land does not belong to will give us our prisoners and put down your wepons then you may leave Spain but will pay a tax of 10 silvers to us and leave. Viva Christo Rey y su madre la Virgen María


We shall not allow you to take our land that we have fought to hard for


You demand so much but have nothing to back your words


You act as if your winning this war when it’s the exact opposite. you’re delusional


ALLAHU AKBAR!.We shall not leave Himmah Burn the Boats!


Let us Die