Conquest For Spain


Sorry man only way is taking it




Then all the screenshots I’ve posted for the past two days will go into taking Valencia and galicia


Mroz I do not want war


But valencia is rightfully ours I already told you about james


I’m sorry Mroz But my veterans will return our diplomatic relations will freeze unless you Settle it


Your country is now a Potential enemy


The Sultanate of Hail and Córdoba.Declares War on King James of Basque.The King of The Two Gates(Castilla de mancha and the other one),The Sultanate Will take Actions and will Retaliate against any Attack,

We will not show any mercy.This is your last chance King Mroz.

May Allah SWT mercy be upon you

From The Sultan Of Andalusia,Extremadura,Valencia,Murcia and Ciudad Real.
And also From The Sultan Of The Seljuks,Muslim Rus Tribes And Custodian Of the Holy City.

There is No god but allah and Muhammad is his messenger


Please change the rule bro


You have declared war on my ally and therefore you have declared war on me


I will show no mercy this time, this time Valencia and extremadura will be mine and you’ll have to pay tribute


I was hopeful that you would be in peace we will have your head once more


You never had my head to begin with


Wtf? What about all the screen shots I’ve been posting and I have more I didn’t even post AND I’d have way more if I knew we were supposed to send screenshots,


if you want to continue to wish war upon me and my allies then I’ll have no choice but to leave this clan and dedicate myself to destroying SOF, I’ve been loyal and fought well for this clan, I stayed out of you territory and wanted peace, but if you’re going to be greedy and try to take valancia away from me I’ll put your head on a spike mroz.


I can’t Burak asked me for Valencia unless he wants to sell a peace of it to Mroz


Ya man that’s true that’s why next map is coming out today and you will be having more territory than Valencia


Guys this is just a forum game you are all taking it to serries @Grayrider64 @HailTheSlayer


Update 4:


Bla bla Burak…you just want to leave this clan because you feel it sucks shit! So please with the “if you then I…bla bla”! Burak feels misplaced ya’ll…He is flattered centurion wants him in his clan and wants to leave in a hurry! Who would blame him…Im just the messenger…somebody has to keep it real here!