Conquest For Spain


Go to hell


You Cussed out The ansar now I’m cussing you out of this game if this was the U.N. i would make a petition to ban you from ever talking You piece of shit.Fuck Off​:fu::fu::fu::fu::fu:


Mroz I’m gonna Offer you a peace treaty along with James


Just keeping it real, no need to get worked up! UN has never kept it real by the way…if this was the UN! This is actually like the UN…And what if muslim bro that you have bonded with Burak leaves the SOF, then what will your move be Hail!? Huuuh? Drama!


Hail give me comunidad and we will be all good


Comunidad is mine we will never surrender


Then the war continues


Go wage war on his lands if he do so persistent on taking yours


He’s not actually going to battle me he’ll just wait for you so you can carry him


Lol y’all crazy :cold_face::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::person_fencing::person_fencing::person_fencing:


I’ll just hang out on this cliff and enjoy the sights of carnage and death :crystal_ball::smiling_imp:



these are alll my or teammates victories especially when we defeated you



The only wins you have on me is when burak carries you or when my phone bugs out


Some of those screenshots you’ve already posted and some aren’t even battles you or your team was involved in


No mas win or lose for now on I’m gonna hold that win over your head forever :person_fencing::cold_face::hole::smiling_imp::crystal_ball: I thought you guys had us for sure! Just never know with this game :cold_face::camera_flash::trophy::sparkles:


Ya man full army


But uhmm…you cant hold it over me forever though! Put that substance between your shoulders to work and imagine how a month, hell…a week from now your gone be still reminding me about a 2 vs 2 win you had…you yourself will realise how pathetic it will sound!

As amatter of fact its impossible on a psychological level to hold a 2 vs 2 win over somebodys head and refuse to play that person for more than three days! Try it, prove me wrong! You’re going to start feeling like a damn fool and it will run out in the vine…Awww Tulak


Got em!