Conquest For Spain


I’ll take Aragorn with this



I also have Leon




Updated version


Mroz are we in the same team?


Or Can I have my own kindom


That means u have to give up Andalusia and aragorn


But you have more freedom


And if you Let me I’ll be in a alliance with u or I may be a Puppet state


Gimme autonomy


How about this only members of SOF can play this because the map isn’t that big


So are you considering making me independent


that means for now no one is working together but people can make alliances


Mroz I want to make an alliance between us


Stebjeb is wellborn


Aragon is mine lol


Update 1

: 898a7b87b2ee57f6eabcdecc1ffaf3b5--antique-pictures-historical-pictures James Wellborn has marched towards Navarra and the Vasque country’s and stopped there meanwhile Mroz has taken over Madrid and marches towards Toledo and Guadalajara and camps there.Heil has managed to take over all of Andalucia by stopping the native troop’s and King of Cavalry still sits in Galacia and has made no move


And hears my screenshots