Conquest For Spain


Barcelona plz


So what’s all this about?


Mroz I will take the land


Whether you like it or not!


My screenshots triple yours and to add salt on the wounds I’ve beaten you on the battlefield


The land is mine you’ve lost the war


You want the land but you have nothing to back your words but a screenshot or two you have won no battles against me there is no reason you deserve the land you demand


You reserve no right to have the territory


You should be executed under your law




How are you entitled to the land I have shown dedication to earn it you haven’t you’re just saying that you deserve it


You have nothing to back your claim on the territory


If you get the territory you will pay Jizya and Make your self a tributary state with some sattilite states




To war !


If you don’t give up now then after this ill not just take castilla and extremadura but you’ll you have to pay tribute to me


I refuse to pay jizya to a Kafir


I don’t have Aragon stupid


I thought you did hmm


Either back down or have it stripped away and forced to pay tribute