Constant selection


Twice now, towards the end of a match, one of my units has been frozen in place. The unit goes dark, like it is being selected. I am unable to move it. I can still move other pieces, but I am constantly dragging around the route of the frozen piece.

If this doesn’t make any sense I can try to explain it better.


Description is good, I think I know where to go looking for this one.


I still get this bug. The unit goes dark and the movement arrow moves around while I am panning and changing camera angles.


Do you see any pattern in how or when this happens? (Previously it happened dragging the unit during the deployment phase.)


It always happens towards the end of the game. It seems to happen when there is a lot of chaos going on. I have never seen this happen in the deployment stage.


This time two or more units got stuck at the same time. One was still moving around, and some we’re stuck. The selection outline appears on one unit but some times they just go black.