Countries of Samuri and stuff


During my reading of the forums I see people asking for vlans but instead of just giving random names take real Japanese and Chinese Tribes or States. For Example have a Chinese, Japanese, Korean Clan and each has its own perks and disadvantages. But once you choose one thats it


Yes, felix made a clan section, and a Role-Play section. A Role-Play section for my Role-Play group stuff, then a Clan section for historical nations (Oda, Ikko-Ikki, Nobunaga, Otomo, ect.). As of now, I think you should know that updates are more bug fix oriented from what I have been told, and please suggest these things on this link from now on Things we’d like to see in Samurai Wars
its a lot easier, and it makes it so that people don’t haft to scroll through tons of different topics that could have just been posted on a topic meant them.


The Clans category is for clans/guilds in the general and traditional sense. Many clans play other games as well, and may use this category for announcements and recruitments related for Samurai Wars. There are no specific requirements for clans.

The Role-playing category is for role-playing activities. Vult is organizing a role-playing campaign over there, and have made some requirements for factions according to the theme of this particular campaign. There may be other campaigns in the future, e.g. historical based ones.


Ah, my bad, I thought you made tha clans category for historical stuffs, as we discussed it a few times… So yeah, thanks for bringing me to light on that :stuck_out_tongue:


The forum is still under construction, and I haven’t been exactly sure myself what categories are needed and not. Need to strike the balance between too few and too many categories, but more categories will be added when there’s need.


Samurai, triaditionally speaking are from Japan, however there are warriors from Korea and China that aren’t samurai but have a simalr appearance.


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