Creating Custom map


Is it possible to create a Mao from scratch instead of just adjusting other maps???


Yes, just save a completely blank map. Then use it as your starting point for new maps.



Oh OK thx …


Well it isn’t weorking


What do you mean? I do it all the time.


Note that for now you have to make that blank map yourself and then clone it.


@nikodil do u mean I need to erace an entire map of everything and clone it???




@Thruzan that kind of takes forever


I don’t see why you would say that… You take the time to make maps.



Well on android the lag makes it take forever @Thruzan


I’ll work on improving the map editing, but for now this is how it works.

Or, if you see Thruzan online, you can bribe him into hosting his blank map, and when you join it will download it and you can then save it as your own.

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OK thx @nikodil