Creating our own army


I and many other players of your game would like to be Abel to make our own army like if I want an all Archer army i could make one and also longer deployment fases


I had the same thread. The creator (i think thats who he is) said it’s on their menu for the beta version. :+1:t2:


I think so far as creating your own army you should get xp to upgrade your units or buy mor
e units


I disagree , if so 1 player starts with an advantage of the other , that would be unfair to have upgraded units


Its both good and not good but to make the game realistic that should be fair to limit the xp so one guy will not have all the advantage


I understand what you mean , but the upgrades system would already be in place with my system , but not in the same way


but I think too many features in this game would be bad , it is possible though