Custom maps and tips and things I like to do


Just some things I like to do when making custom maps :man_shrugging:t2:Anyone got anymore ?

  1. Turn brightness to 100%
  2. Lower the terrain to the lowest point across the map
  3. Clearing the map of trees and rivers
  4. Clear the map of “hidden rivers” by combing the map one section at a time to ensure no “hidden river” spots are randomly on the map
  5. AGAIN. Lower terrain to the lowest point across the map
  6. Figure out what areas the armies will spawn at and make sure there is enough room and no grey spots in the area (armies get stuck spawning in and battle is not fair)
  7. Keep in mind the size of units and the amount of space is required to move a unit or multiple units throughout the map
    These are somethings I try to do throughout making a custom map
  8. When getting rid of grey spots I like to use the finger icon to slide or whichever way works (up down side to side) the terrain to shape the mountain or areas there are high in terrain
  9. Randomly clear the map of “hidden river” spots to make it easier to customize the map
  10. Always keep in mind where the spawn points are
  11. If it’s a siege map (fun battles) ensure the middle area (sides included) has areas to pass and defend. one side should be more advantageous compared to the enemies side
  12. If it’s a battle map (real battles) I try to make the map even by placing and shaping the map on both sides to have a similar style
  13. ALWAYS look out for grey spots and fix them ASAP
  14. If it’s a wild map (Radom battles) I keep the spawn areas clear but everything else is free to create as long as there are pathways and areas to fight


How to do custom thing like select what units i play on mobile


You have to donate then u get credits to do custom maps units etc.


How to donate


Ask Felix
I think there a patron page where you can buy an access pass (I don’t think it’s calles that🤷🏻‍♂️) or buy credits to host custom matches and build maps


Its not a patreon page anymore its a different on but ask @nikodil to make a page strictly dedicated to that