Das Umardolische Kaiserreich - The Umardolothian Empire


The Umardolothian Empire was founded by Vultblooop almost 1 year ago, and has since been his go-to Empire for these types of things, and it’s history has been under heavy development ever since its formation. The Umardolothian Empire has many different Cities, Warships, Provinces, Military branches, and even personalized armies!

We are currently looking for experienced players to take the seat of Military Advisory, and Generalship for the Fatherland!

how to earn a seat in one of those areas

  • reply to this thread down below, stating how long you have been playing (approximately), what tactics you use, and if you are good at teaching new players the ropes.
  • I will read each reply personally, and choose as many advisors, and generals as I see fit, then I will as for you to email me with a date of which you would like to meet on Samurai Wars in order to test your skills. If you can prove yourself as a worthy commander, you will earn a seat in a spot where I deem you most useful in.

Don’t worry, if you do not succeed, but do prove you offer some form of skill, and your strategy seems to be of use, I could always put you into the “Captain Box” which is where all of the masses go, it’s still a very important role, as whilst in the “Captain Box”, you will be thought how to become better at your strategy, from generals, advisors, or even me!

if you simply want to be a member of Umardoloth, please reply to the thread down below

now let’s go over perks of rank and victory

  • as an Advisor, you get to command members in the “Captain Box” to perform certain tasks, as long as they are treated with respect. However, they must obey, unless you are overruled by the Emperor, or a mass majority of Generals.

  • as an Advisor, you get to have control over 2 Legions, commanded by 2 Generals, as long as you prove responsible enough to do so.

  • as an Advisor, you get a free Picture of the Umardolothian flag!

  • as an Advisor, you may suggest a declaration of war via email, as long as you have sufficient proof of provocative behavior on the suggested nations behalf.

  • as a General, you make the moves against the enemy, whether the “move” be commanding 2 captains or 1 captain to attack an enemy member. You will also be put in charge of taking enemy fortresses, and castles!

  • as a General, you get your very own Legion!

  • as a Captain, you get to be put in charge of your own personalized section of a Legion! Yay!

  • as a Member, you will receive an invitation to our Discord server, complete with ranks, tons of text chat, and tons of voice chat rooms for your rank! (There will also be some general chat rooms for you to share your tactics, and talk with other members!)

now back to more serious stuffs

  • Staff
    Head General ArchieKingCannon
    Captain Basne.S
    Captain Itachi


Jayixthenreichescherland: Allied “To the End”

The Empire of EEOWA: Neutral <Allies with Enemy, Allies with Ally>

Haroffian Empire: -The Haroffian Empire has been Destroyed-

Hervegoia - Ruheland Birodalom - Hervegoia - Ruheland Empire: Neutral

Mchoot Empire: -The Mchoot Empire has been Destroyed-

Extra stuff:

  • Provinces








  • Major Cities








  • Capital


  • Navy

Ship classes

Ergeburgestadt class Cruiser

Buttemheim class Destroyer

Maryiinisburg class Cruiser

Goyimburg class Patrol Boat

Siraxta class Dreadnought

Höllelandetstadt class Torpedo Cruiser

  • Tanks

-V2M Medium Tank

-V1L Light Tank

-N38(1)A Heavy Tank

-N38(1)B Heavy Tank


  • Legions
    1st Ergeburgestadt Imperial Tod Soldaten
    2nd Maryiinisburg Volksturm
    3rd Kaiserlich Grenadieres von Goyimburg
    4th Siraxtan Tod Soldaten
    5th Archies Schwarze Garde
    6th Imperatora ad Elfum
    7th Winterstettendorf Stürmtruppen
    8th Legion Von Maryiinisburg
    9th Legion Von Ergeburgestadt
    10th Legion Von Shiggelsvehl
    11th Kaiserlich Kandy Men
    12th Peon Legion
    13th Kaiserlich Goyimstadt Legion
    14th Weidgarten Stürmtruppen "Stoners"
    15th Kaiserlich Suicide Bombers
    16th Kaiserlich Kandy Lancers
    17th Burkhardsfelden Stürmtruppen
    18th Shiggelsvehl Volksturm

  • Armies
    1st Armee von Maryiinisland
    2nd Armee von Uxelldonia
    3rd Armee von Nillianland
    4th Armee von Setlenonland
    5th Armee von Aidünia
    6th Armee von Vultblooop I
    7th Armee von Siraxta
    8th Armee von Eluvina


History & Lore:

I will add an organized timeline of all the events that this Empire has experienced since its formation, as well as some of the lore later this week


everything you see here is a work in progress and is subject to change or to be remade entirely

Western Umardoloth:


Northern Umardoloth:

Small Northern Umardolothian House



Southern Umardoloth:


“Universal” Architecture:

Wall (very small)

That’s all I have for now, as Umardoloth is still under development.

please do not copy anything from this!


Umardoloth and Jayixthenland have formed a Diarchy, both Nations will keep their posts, but they will be a new entity made of sub entities. They will be knows as Jayixthenland-Umardoloth (or JU).

I will begin organizing everything, talking about the Gods, adding more pictures, making a more complex membership system, and I will also add the oath that I used to have. Schönen Tag!


I want to join your empire Vult my Kaiser


No, absolutely not. We do not take in hackers, or trolls.


Im intrested and can play a good
Role of a advisor, general or commander.
I have good strategies aswell, I honestly have to say that i nearly win every game . I win 9 out of 10 games sometimes 10 out of 10


And im german aswell if that helps in anyway because i saw the german name and cities


Hello Emperor or Kaiser or whatever you like to call yourself I present myself to this great nation i am Archie and i would like to apply to generalship let me tell you of what use you will get of me.

● I am an accomplished Diplomat and also a good commander I have read the art of war and stratagies by Generals such as Rommel, Genghis Khan, Clauswitz, Napoleon, Manstien, Gustavus Adolphus, Hernan Cortes and many more.

●I have played many types of strategy games such as age of empires, Command and conquer, European war 3 & 4, a bit of total war, some online strategy games and not to forget Samurai wars

That is all I have to say but i will look forward to a reply



you commited ^^^ Anyways hi


Hello the rest of this is becuase this must be twenty characters


Hallo! I am glad you posted! This is a very fascinating application, with lots of impressive skills you listed, and I just would like to say one thing… When I did say “strategies” I meant what type of Strategy do you use in-game, rather than what other strategy games do you play, although, all listing those did for you was just convince me that you are a very reliable general with what the Reich needs for his army! I would love to meet up with you in SW to test your skills a bit, but other than the fact that I must test you in battle, your application is approved. I look forward to meeting you on the field of battle!

  • Kaiser Vultblooop II des Umardolothian Reich


I’m rather in-active on the forum, and I dont get emails for posts made on this board, so I might not see posts right away, sorry :frowning:


hmm , sehr interessant , Sir ! Ich würde gerne wissen, ob Sie möglich, einen Tag der Koordinate, konnten wir in Samurai -Kriege treffen sollte ? Auf diese Weise konnte ich Ihre Fähigkeiten im Kampf zu testen und sehen, ob Sie sind, was wir für das Reich brauchen


yes, I love Germany, its such a beautiful country, with a very intense history to learn! I based most of the Reichs language off of German, and I use most of the tactics used by Germany in WW1 and WW2 (for other games, though). I also love using the German Gothics style architecture mixed with some French Rococo style for my houses, and palaces… However, most of the Empire isn’t based off of Germany, in fact, most of it is based off of Rome… Such as his legions, I used some of the concepts of the Roman Empire’s style of government for my own government… But most of Umardoloth is under Development still… but here is a map that I made, its pretty old, but its a picture of the whole planet, so its interesting… I havent gotten around to making a new one :\


I will be working on some more stuff later, such as banners, Legion banners, uniforms, ect. I am looking forward to new applications as well!


Yes lets play a game in samurai wars and you can see my strategies and my skills.


Is Umardoloth a planet or a country? you are befuddling me…


Umardoloth is an Empire, on the Continent Platabonia, on the planet Nervusius. Umardoloth shares a continent with Bantania and several small cults and principalities.


Umardolothian Imperial Eagle, I’m sorry the actual eagle itself is so small, I originally wanted to take a zoomed in screenshot, but it just didn’t look good zoomed in… So I just erased all of my little test doodles that I had off to the side and filled in the rest of the image with a dark grey. The two heads stand for Umardoloths 2 capitals, Ergeburgestadt, and Maryiinisburg. The actual bird itself is a Northern Umardolothian Pheasant (just with 2 heads), Northern Umardolothian Pheasents are very territorial, strong, and they have high quality feathers which are used for decorations on dresses, uniforms, and hats. The males have a horn on their beak that they grow at the age of 2 years (10 year life expectancy) when they are mature enough to mate (oh my, better get me camera :wink:). On the Imperial Eagle, the horns represent masculinity and power, on the chest of the Imperial Eagle (yes I know it’s actually a pheasant but who cares, lol) is the Imperial Umardolothian Cross, and the details and such (which are the Imperial Colors) represent the veins of the eagle, which are running with Umardolothian blood. That’s just a brief look into how diverse, and complicated Umardolothian history and wildlife is. This was meant to sort of flesh Umardoloth a bit, anyways, I really hope you guys enjoyed learning about my history, and culture as well as some of the wildlife that lives in Umardoloth! Please do not steal any of the content in this, or anything throughout the whole post (Der Umardolische Kaiserreich - The Umardolothian Empire) as it is all owned by me! If you would like to contact me for help on a custom faction your making, or that you already have, just pm me and we can talk about what you need, and how you can achieve what you need :slight_smile:


Banner of Maryiinisburg, this is primarily used in ships created in Eastern Umardolothian shipyards, where it is a tradition to fly Maryiinis Ensigns, Flags, and Banners on new warships, or just ships that are to be sent to the front after it is manned, inspected, and tested.

This is the old flag for Umardoloth but it is still used during battle. This flag was used during the crusades against the Kingdom of Bantania during the Bantanian Crusades of 300-400 F.A. (Thank you Jay-Arh for making such a detailed flag!) there are 4 symbols on the cross, each one has its own meaning, the top is Siraxta, also known as the Goddess of Death, or the Eye of Death (4 other gods, of 4 other religions make up the rest of the face of death) the left is the Emperor, the right is the Legion who uses the standard, the bottom is the campaign they used the standard in and how many battles they fought in that campaign (X = 10th campaign in Bantania, which is when Umardoloth started to gain ground against the inner provinces, 7 dots and scratches represent 7 battles) in the lower left hand corner, there is writing, and for those of you who can’t read it, or can read it but don’t know German, it says Tod, or Death in German, then in the upper right hand corner it says Krieg, or War in German… Now as I look at it… I think I made my second attempt at making my own language with Krieg, lol, so yeah… It says Krieg because I remember thinking to myself “this corner looks empty… Better put something there, but what? Guess Ima put something cheesy like war. I can’t put war down though, it’s too cheesy, I got it, I will put war in German” (because war in German isnt overused in western advertisement or anything :stuck_out_tongue:)

I hope you guys enjoyed another little tidbit of information, and backstory on Umardoloth! This isn’t really supposed to be in any specific order, or anything… So it’s almost expected for you to get kinda lost, or to not understand what I’m talking about :3



Imperial Eagle for the Maryiinisburg 2nd Legion Volksturm! The art style is kind of like an aboriginal Australian painting… It’s not what I wanted it to turn out looking like, but it makes it stand out from all the rest of the Eagles, adding some character to it ;D

If you guys want, I could write up a long, long story about the 1st Legion, 2nd Legion, and 3rd Legion to give you guys some perspective on why there are going to be so many different Eagles for each regiment in a Legion :smiley:


Questions are also welcome :slight_smile:


Just wanna join you know. Last time, I lagged out of that match.