Das Umardolische Kaiserreich - The Umardolothian Empire


Ok… Please tell me when you are online via pm… But tbh, we are ready to give you your rank from what we seen last time I faced you. Your position will be discussed over pm… Along with other things…


I added 19 Legions to the initial post, however, I had at least 250 plus legions in my book that I wrote about Umardoloth… But they didn’t have names, I only added the ones that I made in a game that we played. Sadly I won’t be able to grow Umardoloth out in a fashion that is more “legitimate”, as I was banned from the server where Umardoloth thrived due to an insane amount of bias, disablpility to take the truth, and down right lies on the administrations behalf… But oh well, I will find somewhere else… But until then, I’m gonna take a break from trying to “make Umardoloth great again” as I have been spending hours a day trying to make illustrations of battles, cities, and ships… Everything that I made in the start (which is a lot) is all just hand drawn stuff, and I would prefer to make everything digitally, as my drawing is pretty bad on paper, and to be, honest, it’s not that great using the software I use either :frowning:
So yeah, make sure to tell others about Umardoloth, and if you don’t really like this group, check out Jayixthenland, EEOWA, and other groups instead! Other group leaders need lots of help with making their clans known, and making them bigger!

  • Kaiser Vultblooop III Von das Umardölische Kaiserreich


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Do I get to join bro?


Yes… Me and my generals have decided to make you a Captain, we will discuss what legion later today


Awesome my emporer, it is a honor to join this clan


Empire* … Just refer to the faction your talking about by their title, not the clan thing… I’m thinking of a different name rather than clan at the moment.


The Discord server is up! Simply apply for a membership in order to get an invitation! Feel free to ask me about Umardoloth, it’s history, lore, why I use modern ships instead of wooden ships, and why is my history still not done even though it’s been a year and a half there!


Today is a glorious day! Umardolothian-Jayixthen troops have defended the Fatherland from a barbarian invasion! The field of battle was filled with the blood of barbarian troops, as the black tide of Umardolothian troops flooded the battlefield, while further to the north, a white sheet of Jayixthen armies where slaughtering barbarian troops, taking little-to-no casualties! After this battle was finished, Umardolothian troops, and Jayixthen troops boarded warships, and headed to the barbarian homeland, taking a province, disabling the barbarian armies for a whole month! This is truly a great day for the Dual Empires, and the Central Powers!

The province shall be named after the great fields that where outside of Ergeburgestadt and Leyadel… New Curryfeld!

Good game Bal, player, and Jay!

  • Kaiser Vultblooop III von das Umardolische Kaiserreich


Hello the Grand Vultbloop!
I wish to join the Umardolothian Empire. I am a very skilled tactician and a very swagish player… In game I am Thruzan…

About the test match… I would like to play you when I am using my good tablet because the one I have been using lately (my mom’s) is laggy and slow… We see each other in game so we can work the time later when we are both ready.



Ok, sounds good! I will PM you our discord server <3


Prepare for food! Tomorrow, Jayixthenland-Umardoloth will invade more barbarian lands, and cultivate them for curry farms! Luckily, the province cap. For unofficial factions if 5, so we might even annex them xD
Oh well, get your dancing boots, and a xylophone made from the bones of the Indian barbarians, because we have graves to dance on!


Hey mate, my I be part of this grand escapade against the barbarians?


But not of Onion for the Indians, not of Onion for all these dogs!


I was scrolling through my doodles, and ship designs, when I came across something that I thought you guys might like to see, I found some of the sketches from when I was trying to get used to sketching the turret styles for each nation from my history. I didn’t put Umardolothian turrets on that sketch because I was already used to drawing them. But I hadn’t made any Bantanian, or Meizonian ships (until now). So here you go! These are the turret designs from a cruiser for both Bantania, and Meizonia :slight_smile:

At the time, I wasn’t worried about uploading these to any sort of forum… So the drawing is very sloppy… I will probably make a clean version if I have the time. Let me know what you guys think of the designs!


Wars of Bias

The Wars of Bias where very long, and grueling sets of “wars” that where like a Cold War, really. They didn’t have any action, other than the battle of Ergeburgestadt, Bywater, and Leyadel. There where only two w as to win, conquer your enemies while remaining in the right, or getting an insane amount of bias focused on you by the owner of the server. Whoever had the most bias, was pretty much the victor. These wars relied on a heavy amount of knowledge in persuasion, diplomacy, and knowledge in blender, and scripting in order to gain more, and more bias.

##The Battle of Ergeburgestadt

The Battle of Ergeburgestadt took place a few months ago, while I was building my capital. The king of Men, Sparky, decided to march on Ergeburgestadt, and try to take the city. At the time, we had no outstanding relations with the Kingdom of Men, nor did we have any negative ones. So when he arrived, I asked him to leave, he ignored my request, so I asked him several more times to leave, or die. He was already inside of my city, marching around. So I took matters into my own hands, and beat back the damn barbarians out of my city. Thus bringing the long battle to a conclusion, the king, however, was not pleased, so he started ranting… On… And on about how I didn’t warn him, and his little invasion about leaving or dying, when I clearly asked him several times.

##The Battle of Leyadel

The battle of Leyadel happened at around the same time as the Battle of Ergeburgestadt, but involving the entire Umardolothian, Jayixthen, and Kingdom of Men’s military. It was a long, bloody battle, with Umardolothian, and Jayixthen soldiers defending the city, battling street by street, arrows, flying everywhere, men dying left and right. Over time, JU forces where pushed back to the palace walls, where they held out for days, until finally, the Kingdom of Men was pushed back, thus concluding the battle. After the battle, the Kingdom of Men would not reply for justice, as this battle was triggered without a declaration of war, nor was it triggered by any provocation on both sides behalf. No formal war was declared since these two battles… Until the battle of Bywater

##The Battle of Bywater

The Battle of Bywater took place not even 3 months ago, maybe more, but it was right before Umardoloth lost the war of bias. After the Kingdom of Men decided to attack us, several times, without punishment. JU decided to declare war, but after a long, long time of preparation. JU forces, and their allies planned a beach invasion on the coastal city of Bywater, 4 Jayixthen ships where deployed, but in order for the ships to get to the lake Bywater was built on, JU needed a canal… So then, JU workers made the Coconut Canal, a huge canal that allowed Jayixthen ships; Loseemand, Athole, Bewehlen, and Byrohl to reach Bywater, and bombard the shore. The next morning, Bywater was fine, but the coast was filled with trenches made by JU forces. No engagements happened between infantry, but Jayixthen ships sank 1 ship owned by the Kingdom of Men. The battle result was a JU victory, even though JU infantry never landed, it was the Kingdom of Men, who surrendered by sending a compromise to JU officials.


lol, thats what we should have done in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:


##The Battle of Goyimstadt

The Battle of Goyimstadt happened during the Bantanian crusades (400 E.Z. - 100 Z.Z.) when Umardoloth had been taken off guard by the Kingdom of Bantania’s invasion, without a declaration. Bantanian armies had trouble taking cities, but captured 12 after a year. By then, Umardolothian Legions were well aware of the Bantanian presence in their lands, and where eager to fight, but no engagements had happened on the field yet… It was a one sided war (until die Schlacht von dem Hügel von Spears, die Schlacht von Cow Scheiße Plains, und die Schlacht von Hugen Tal) where Bantania would besiege an Umardolothian City, and either take it, or fail miserably. One of these examples would be the Battle of Goyimstadt, where Bantanian forces failed to take the city, and suffered massive casualties trying to take it. The city was very, very small, and it was a borderline village. The city had a decent wall, and it played a huge role in the battle (duh), as it took repeated cannon fire, and held strong. The one breach the wall had, would be one at the bottom of the wall, creating a gap for halberdiers to charge in, with swordsmen behind them, or at least… thats what was supposed to happen. The Bantanians rushed into the city, expecting little to no resistance after the shelling, but they where met with Umardolothian Marksmen, Riflemen, and broadswords and where cut down. Thus ending the first wave, the Umardolothian soldiers claimed their prize, the heads of every Bantanian soldier who entered the city.

Umardolothian Riflemen taking cover inside of a broken down house inside of Goyimstadt

First wave of Bantanian troops

Fighting for the walls

Chaotic battlefield



Meizonian Kreuzer


Uxelldonia: Light Gray, Upper left hand corner
Nillinaland: Black, Left hand corner
Setlenonland: White, Top center
Aidünia: Dark Gray, Bottom center
Maryiinisland: Red, Left center
D’elleraland: Dark Red, Right