Deeply Gratefull


This is mostly to all my sworn enemies! I APPRECIATE U GUYS SOOO MUCH…Without you this game would be pointless! Centurion, Almighty, Bob, Danesoto, Noremac…and all else who I forgot to mention, even that french asshole Napoleon! Thank you all…for the epic battles! And of course NICODIL last but not least…THANK YOU, Tusen tack, du är ett geni, en stor tänkare, och det krävs en stor själ och hjärta att tillhandahålla det här helt gratis åt oss! Sluta inte med det du gör…må planeterna bringa dig hälsa i all tid framöver!! Amen


Yes, Thank you and all players! I’m only a coder writing code, YOU are the ones that makes the game fun to play. Your stubbornness to play a game that’s only half finished is a great inspiration for me to keep on coding. Hopefully I have some more info on a new update soon…


“Half finished” sounds promicing!


Asshole :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Lets play bro


Who mw