Der Jayixthenreichischerland Kaiserreich


21 April 2016 7:39PM Jayixthenland Mobilizes in support of Umardoelisches Kaiserreich
21 April 2016 7:40PM Jayixthen Fleet under Buttingham enters the Umardolothian Territorial Waters


Victory Against BalTheStrategist’s Invasion of Umardoloth and Victory with a successful invasion of Towelhead Land
Fighting ceased at 8:06PM with a decisive Jayixthenreichischer-Umardoelisches victory over the Trail of Curry!

Congratulations to the Kossis Turbanator Division Silbian Fisher Squadron! Make your kingdoms proud but make your empire and kaiser even prouder!

Congratulations to the Umardolothian Coastal Defense Force for repelling the invasion of Umardoloth and the Umardolothian Invasion force during the final battle against the dreaded Towel Heads!


And to the Umardolische Kriegsmariner for sinking almost all of those damn fishing boats… Almost


lol good good… i didnt want those silbian cargo ships to ever come back to the mainland >:)


lol i think what they have for a fleet is a bunch of magical flying carpets XD


Lol, we have incendiary rounds


And I have straight up Deeldough shells XD
Whoa! Did not see that coming did you? XD


LOL who needs incendiary rounds when you got a combined Jayixthen fleet? XD


lol, ikr, we will wear their turbans as thongs xD


i’ve heard turbans make the best thongs


So you’re a veteran of Turban-Thonging ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


lol ^ we gotta do this to the turbans of the dead men of Bal’s army


Only the finest of cardboard turbans are being worn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I want the one that Bal himself wore!


That would be nice XD



LOL, whats that? XD
is that a candy land ship?


Scale model of Leyadel



Jayixthen Soldaten