Der Jayixthenreichischerland Kaiserreich


Leyadel Reconstruction Project




Hey jay, did I use the Goe Wehl? :wink:


about a few dozen houses




jayixthenland is on the rise again


Lel I made a leyadel armed forces in samurai wars lel


ok then have fun i wont be on for a day or two because of some RL events. lol besides only i am legitimately in control of leyadelsich forces. you can have control over leithen ones. those should be good. yet i find it funny how you randomly show up to my post without asking to join. not that you should take offense to that it is just rather… intrusive to put it lightly


strong text****strong textNo offense taken, and i made an account like 6 days ago so I don’t even know how to join.


I also made a custom flag, is that ok?


When did this ArmyLeyadel guy get made? It seems kind of strange…


No offense tho, I’m just curious


lol idk i just find it funny that the custom flag resembles a german one but then again why should i care?


the person that makes all the rules for this is gone so yeah



just in case you thought i was all war i also have music and such to you know… accompany the war XD

please enjoy my composition


another composition to contribute to jayixthen culture


I wanna join this empire too