Der Jayixthenreichischerland Kaiserreich


wth lol anyways whatever… you can make the Kingdom of Schieterland a bit more Danish if you want :stuck_out_tongue:


Jayixthen-Umardolothian March No.1


Ok lets refresh this stuff:
Major Powers:
Leyadel- KaiserJayArh
Kossis- Thruzan
Jianrau- BobTheShogun
Lithus- KC-135 NKAWTG
Minor Powers:
Schieterland- KejserenOfDanmark
Luworolot- LegitGamer1017
Poochball Land-


XD ignore the name I made that name when I was driven to create my own faction. And haha maybe a forgien legion of Scandinavian Bezerkers xd


Hello I’d like to join your faction Jay thanks.


OH yeah mr. Krabs

Jay, you NEED to open communications with the pizza-people. You can always eat them if they resist ethnic purity


Woah thruzan you actually did it


Hello , i would like to apply for your faction , a bit late but what the heck . :slight_smile:


lol sure choose one of the kingdoms (unfortunately the only ones are minor XD) unless you want to be part of leyadel


keep expanding children make Jayixthenreichischerland its former glory, for times of war have plunged the greatest of factions into disarray. We have seen their homes and communities destroyed by the tests of time, we have witnessed their military and economies crumble before us.

For now we have received an opportunity to enlighten and enforce and solidify our grip on these ravaged territories. Colonies and expansion await us. Consume and annex those who stand before you, in the name of Jay-Arh, Kaiser of Jayixthenland!


but do keep in mind we have allies. try not to disrupt them in the process


Then i pick Tolorowul :slight_smile: May our crops be prosporous and ripe , so that it survives us the winter and keep our soldiers fed !


Tolorowul will become a vassal of Jayixthenland ! All heil the keiser xD


lol ok good
btw help train the newer vassals. all jayixthen fronts should be strong


Yessir! I will pour all my ability into this effort !


Imperial Banner (Old)
Might Work on a newer one. Lol for the other kingdoms do feel free to make your insignia so we can make a grand flag. The only requirement i ask for the kingdom flags is that you follow the traditional colors of the old jayixthen kingdoms:
Lithus - Blue
Leyadel - Orange
Kossis - Black
Szjinithland - Green
Silus - Puke Yellow
Schieterland - Purple
Tolorowul - Pink
Luworolot - Red
Preuze - Teal


tolorowul is pink? Does have cupcake light infantry and heavy battle Teddybears ? xD
Btw , who exactly are the vassals of jaixthenland?


lol dont let the colors undermine these vassals. they were treacherous backstabbing people lol


btw jayixthenland itself (not jayixthenreichischerland which is the continent) composed of Tolorowul, Luworolot, Poochball Land, Preuze, Ergeburst, and Leyadel which was a league called the Central Powers so they used similar equipment to me


History has alway proven that Vassals are backstabbing sobs xD
Though , not always sucessful , their efforts are commendable lol.

Is Ark one of your vassals tho ? i can see the resemblance in strategy.