Der Jayixthenreichischerland Kaiserreich


How do I make a cool flag like that


And jay taught me real strategy.


He taught us all lol



Found this cool one online


if you found it online make sure you modify it so you dont steal it. I made my flag by hand lol and if you can modify it just a bit you can relate to it and proudly say that you did it, making you a bit more nationalistic for your kingdom. add some stuff like shields or something or more colors.


Now that i roleplay as Tolorowul , am i allowed to list provinces, regions and cultures ? Also army composition? (what era?)


its up to you. determine the path which your kingdom will take and make it alive once more.


Sorry if it looks unprofessional I used a baying phone editor.


HOLD UP. How did Thurzan take the province of Kossis from me? Unless Jianrau is a substantially bigger, wealthier, more dominant military force I ask your leave to invade Kossis, Kaiser.


you do not control kossis you control szjinithland we moved you a bit north (dont worry Jian’rau is a very fortified region with a powerful military, honestly it was more powerful that Leyadel at one point)


lol i made a mistake when placing people into territories. but i want all the countries filled in before anything. (kossis has 3 kingdoms but its condensed) so i thought placing you in Szjinithland would give you more land


Schieterland Imperial 1st Class Gunship how u like jay lol


pretty well-made design if i do say so myself, aside from the guns of the stern which may receive complications in firing.


Lol i have succeeded with bombers


<img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/8dc379f309b453401f43d2dfb0797dab6b3eb1ce.png" width=β€œ281” height=β€œ500” you know your fleet is screwed when u see this flag



Ugh , wishing i had that game rn lol


You know youre screwed when you see a detachment of these


Damn that looks good lol