Der Jayixthenreichischerland Kaiserreich


Nach der Untoten


? what lol no my soldiers are like psychopaths. that was from some cringy consumption… wow actually -_- i just realized. some people think that my soldiers look a bit like you know :3


Lol, you also put the names for the Dongdoms back to pre-Jayixthen names :0


I meant to send that a month ago, lmao


why the fuck you laggin XD


y the fuck u laggin, you know you always laggin


lol, this was before I realized that all my shit was an overlay. so he is a fatty, He should be sent to the front where he can be not so fat…


Quandi has blessed him with his Heavy Load ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


i know i feed my soldiers the good protein after the good succ but goddamn you just received quandi’s heavy load of protein


Kingdong of Fish ^


Hi vult!

Jay i see what ur doing , forcing your troops to eat dead enemies ! Their totally zombified !


dead enemies? youre funny.


btw how the fuck does orange and green (they totallytried ripping off my flag) supposed to represent a fucking fish high on seaweed for some crap kingdom called Fiaran?


lmao, they made their banner? Lemme log onto the server and see this shit, Pappi got his belt out.



The Jayixthen fairy is here to bless you with wonderful moral :wink:


I find them to be pretty cute but my friend is creeped out by them XD


Heavy Cruiser


Not so heavy now…


Jayixthen Victory at Sharkonia
And the annexation of the Southwest Sharkonian Province into the Grand Jayixthen Empire

Victory to the Jayixthenreichischer Continent!

JU side …Opposition
Jayixthenland (Jayixthenreichischerland)…Parsian Mercenaries (in Sharkonia)
Jian’rau (Jayixthenreichischerland)
Tseng Empire