Der Jayixthenreichischerland Kaiserreich


lmao, we have won the war against Pars!


The Fall of Pars


I recommend that everyone read the chat on that image… cause it clearly says that Persius’ 4th Mercenary Main Force of Pars aided the Sharkonian Rebels to escape Sharkonia. There was no battle fought in Pars and Pars was never defeated. Even Jay himself states that the Sharkonian Rebellion has been fully vanquished in the image.
Further more, the Kaiser of Jayixthenland refused to face the Parsian Military forces in battle. Apparently he was just too fearful to face High Lord Thruzan in battle.

High Lord Thruzan of Pars

I will remove this post once everything has been restored to its proper state.


And this guy apparently is a sore loser who cannot control his empire. his member persius wanted to represent the parsian empire and i faced him and crushed him, concluding the parsian empire with a rough demise.

Oh and thx for reminding me. i will block you on here too.

Remember that you broke the conditions that we set and you refuse to accept your faults and actions.


lol if anything without his empire, what high lord is he XD


No, they had no escape, they where surrounded, and thus all slaughtered in the route.


so this means we can win a war if you kill one of the commanders of the nation’s army?
Lol, much like a war being won because one of their battalions was wiped out by the enemy’s.


lol we crushed their armies. persius controlled the enemy armies and I triumphed in victory


by ‘armies’ you mean?
lmfao. I guess I only saw a single army in that screenshot tbh.


If anything its thruzan’s fault for not telling persius not to represent the nation of pars and partake in a war against Jayixthenland. he was hostile to jayixthen troops so i showed him


You still didn’t give a coherent answer to some of my questions.
“so this means we can win a war if you kill one of the commanders of the nation’s army?”


well we fought 5 battles
3 at sharkonia and 2 at pars.
sharkonia under the command of volbeat
pars under the command of pars


no the armies were crushed and the provinces taken over after the battle
we can kill the commander and end the war htrough an rp sense but not kill the commander during the middle of battle (general unit in samurai wars)


that can be a condition IF the parities agree on it


You didn’t fight Thruzan did you?


whether i fought thruzan or not doesnt matter. what matters is that his member represented his country when he was absent and provoked war


U fought those battle after Sharkonia was defeated. Persius was not fighting on Parsian soil… neither did he have Parsian Military… he had the 4th Mercenary Main Force…



Basically what Thruzan said lmao.
I mean he cleared up the point.


Is he in your Empire


I am not.
Trying to speak up what I have to say. Problems?