Der Jayixthenreichischerland Kaiserreich


I was talking to Thruzan
I was asking him if Percius was, or was not in his Empire. If he is in his Empire, taking part in aggressive acts against another nation (which he shouldn’t have been taking part in in the first place. The battle was between Sharkonian Rebels and JU forces alone) is an act of war. If Thruzan wants, I will give him another chance. But I guarantee that the results will be the same.


I don’t care if he was bought by Sharkonia, as it was destroyed, but what I do care about is the fact that he is affiliated with pars. If he is affiliated with Pars, it doesn’t matter if he was bought by someone or not (especially since the nation that bought him was destroyed), he is still in control of that army that helped the rebels, and he continued to fight on Thruzans homeland without objections, or stating that he was not affiliated with Pars.


Lol @Thruzan remember that it was you who wanted this war and sought out the destruction of Jayixthenland. This little adventure of yours was at the expense of Sharkonia and even your own subjects, whose sacrifices were in vain. Analyzing this, it proves how much of a poor ruler you truly are. I also saw you were visible when i was facing volbeat and persius yet you did not care to intervene, so do not dare call me a coward because you could’ve faced me there and then.


@Vultblooop Persius is a part of Pars and he leads the 4th Mercenary Main Force that was hired by volbeat to aid the rebel’s escape. He did not fight on Parsian soil. I see nothing wrong with letting Persius aid Sharkonian rebels because the Parsian troops he leads were hired to do so. He never said that he was fighting on Parsian territory, but he did say he was fighting on Sharkonian territory as stated in Jay’s image up there^^
@KaiserJayArh First of all… U declared war on the Tri Alliance. So i responded by accepting to defend Sharkonia and fight the war.


Secondly, when I was ready to face u… U refused

I tell u that Persius was fulfilling the Mercenary Military contract that Volbeat enstated and u tell me he didn’t fight with his 4th MMF but with Parsian Homeland Military. He was fighting #1 for fun (which is what this game is about) and #2 to help the Sharkonia rebels escape. It even says he’s the General of the 4th Mercenary Main Force on my page.

Then u tell me that he represents all of Pars

This is so funny… Lol, arguing about our imaginary Empires.

High Lord Thruzan of Pars


Look, I don’t care at this point anymore, your nation is gone, that’s that. Please stop posting this on our stuff just because you are butthurt about it.
And like I said, we are working on the rules in our spare time, which we barely have during the school year.

P.S. If this is all so silly, then stop talking about it and move on.


If he is a general, in your faction, or any kind of lord for that matter, and he plays in a match that is an official Custom Role-Play battle between two nations or any partaking party. He is representing his nation. In fact, that is going in the new rules.


Out of game

In all seriousness if you have hardly any time to update the rules, then you should either pass on the rules to someone you trust and is good at making rules for role playing or keep leadership but accept rules from rule makers who make rules for you and you can accept them and add them in or deny them, which will make it easier for us(who want a better time playing with good rules) and yourself(who will also have an easier time).

Wu Qi


We are working on it now, lol


You are the smartest man I know Wu. I would rather Wu handle the rules than Vultbloop because I know that this Tseng man would make the rules clean and would obey them too.



First off Thruzan, I am the one who started this, and nothing will change that. You being butthurt about loosing Pars to your lack of leadership skills.
The Old Rules are currently out of order. If you want to see what we have so far, take a look.
Section 1: Politics, Diplomacy, and other things.

  1. You must be accurate with your government. You must be consistant with who your people are, and what your nation is, for example, you may not say That you are a Kingdom, but you are also a Republic, isntead you can say you are a Constitutional Monarchy. Do yourself a favor, and go to the internet, look up some types of Governments, and find which ones suit you.
  2. You MUST have Discord, it makes it easier for us to communicate, and it allows us to coordinate more efficiently.
  3. Your nation must be original. I do not want to see any schematics, names, or flags from anything other than your brain. Make sure it isn’t a blatant rip-off of something from a real world country, or anything else for that matter.
  4. Do not coplain, this is Role-Play. Constatly complaining about the results of a situation, is the results based on your faults which you must bare.
  5. Please do not try and Role-Play events out like it’s Dungeons & Dragons. Your Nation’s Leader is not a super hero, your soldiers do not have infinite food, your warships are not invincible, your tanks are not invincible. Take defeat like a man.
  6. In case bugs or glitches occur during a match, both parties have to be notified of the situation and are componsated through a rematch (This applies to server restarts, and crippling bugs).
  7. If you accuse an experienced player of hacking because he is skilled enough to move his/her units, do not complain.
  8. If a member of your country goes behind your back, and starts a war, it is entirely your for not controling the member.

Section 2: Rules of War

  1. If a general, in your faction, or any kind of lord for that matter, and plays in a match that is an official Custom Role-Play battle between two nations or any partaking party. He is representing his affiliation in the cause.
  2. Battles will be fought by provinces. The number of provinces = the number of battles fought. A nation may not have a province, if it is to small to fit at least 5 cities with 10 miles distance between each other (5 miles = 8 Kilometers) This does not mean, hwoever, taht you may make your nation as big as you want to fit tons of provinces in it. You must limit yourself.
  3. Running around the map with your last units of cavalry, without engaging the persuing forces at all, is not permitted
  4. If your nation is an Island nation, or a Sub-Contient, and all coastal cities and other settlements are taken. Your nation’s leader may not leave, and if you are surrounded on all fronts, your soldiers have nowhere to run, as they are being incircled.
  5. You can ask for an armastice, or peace treaty whenever you want during the war, but it is up to the other parties to accept it. It doesn’t matter how good it is, or how reasonable, it is simply up to the other parties.


Also, Andrej is involved with the reviewing of the rules.


Out of game

If i may be the devils advocate for this matter.

Rule 4 of Section 1: Politics, Diplomacy, and other things, this looks like a direct rule for Thruzan, i want to make a suggestion, i would say make it only allowed to make constructive criticism or a structured complaint.

Rule 3 of Section 2, its your fault from letting a cavalry unit or missile unit escape or either just declare yourself the winner and pass his one cavalry unit and take the province.

Wu Qi






Who gave you a copy? Thruzan? I ask that you do not give a copy to anyone else. The rule about complaints was modified to fit the current situation, and to prevent it from happening.
The rest of your suggestions are noted.


Glorious victory sir! Jayixthen-Umardoloth has triumphed over its enemies of Pars!


Just to specify on the victory a bit, Thruzan’s game crashed, and he was not able to get back on, so we asked Persius (one of his generals) to fight for Pars in place of Thruzan. Persius declined, so we peacefully occupied Pars with little-to-no casualties on both sides. No cities where burned, no emperors killed, just a treaty and new laws.


As for a few changes…
The Treaty of Klauzer - JE 769. The land of pars shall be occupied by the invading Jayixthen-Umardolothian troops. Its name shall be changed to Parfagistan and there will be restrictions to the mercenary system. Pars may not hire mercenaries to interfere with Jayixthenreichischerland’s ambitions or to invade its respectable territories. Aside from this, Parfagistan may still have its mercenary armies to fight against other nations, other than the Jayixthenreichischer-Umardoelisches Kaiserrreich. The money earned by the mercenaries from their adventures abroad will be used as payment for the war. Parfagistani Lords are subject to the rules of the Jayixthen-Umardolothian Empire thus they are new vassals to the joint realm - with high restrictions under colonial rule. These colonial restrictions involve direct profit to Leyadel, while 20% of product/profit goes back to Parfagistan. Colonial territories of the JU realm must consult/inform the leaders of the Joint Empire before taking any further actions whether it be political/diplomatic, or regarding the military. Failure to abide to these new conditions shall lead to further complications. Military Restrictions - Parfagistan is restricted to 5 armies. Their fleet shall be scrapped to avoid any complications with fleeing the country. For the mercenaries to move about to their adventures abroad, they will have to pay Jayixthen Coconut Liners for transport of their men and equipment to the designated regions. (With a discount of price of 5 shekels, the original price being 2 shekels) They are able to go abroad if they bring their own rowing boats at the price of 1.016 Shekels. 23.57% of the surviving population shall be incorporated as slaves into the Jayixthen-Umardolothian realm. If there are extremeties to be severed to meet this exact percent, then it shall come. Failure to abide to these terms shall result in something very very bad. I’m not gonna say what, but I think you know what it is XD!

Kaiser Jay-Arh of all of Jayixthenreichischerland

Kaiser Vultblooop of Umardoloth