Der Jayixthenreichischerland Kaiserreich


Jayixthen Coconut Liner



Alliance yes or no


lol perhaps we can discuss this in more detail?


Ahh yes alliances amazing things and do you look like a good person to have oNe with in a overly American businessman accent


k… so out of an alliance what exactly do i get in return…
answer the following questions for me:

  1. If your nation goes to war with another nation will you plunge the entirety of my nation? Is it optional for me to partake in a war i do not wish to get involved with?
  2. If my nation decides to engage in a war, will you be forced to do the same or should it remain optional?
  3. What interests do you have in forging an alliance with the entirety of the Jayixthenreichischerland continent and why is it essential or appealing?


1&2 Optional

3 Idk reasons I don’t have any allies because WWP


Sharkonia has been fully incorporated into the Jayixthen Empire.
Parfagistan is now under direct Tseng rule.
Military forces and important officials are evacuating and departing the region.

^marching out of parfagi lands and boarding the coconut liner


Alright I’m I’m an argepelego nation with bridges?

Like the rules







Hello my great teacher!


Ah? Well this place has been long abandoned


The Old clans have been abonaded (lol) now we have people like noremac taking away the beautiful simplicity of things



I have returned to Jayixthenreichischerland, to find it in ruin. The once all powerful nation has fallen, it’s command abandoned, it’s people dispersed.

I ask your permission to lead our armies into battle, to ravage the land and bring Jayixthenreichischerland back to glory.

Your humble servant,

Bob The Shogun.


I DON’t know why, but I feel like your people probably goose step.