Development Roadmap Update #3


Here’s an update on the roadmap:

A multiplayer game like this has are two sides. There’s the front end side, the game app running on your iOS or Android device. Then there’s the back end side, the servers that make it possible to arrange and play matches with players from all over the world. It’s usually more fun to work on front end things because those features are more apparent and tangible. Server things tend to be more invisible and vague, but are nevertheless just as important for making it all work.

I would estimate almost half of the development is server related. Server operation and maintenance also take up a lot of time, making sure everything is up and running smoothly. There are currently about 10 servers taking care of the different tasks to make this game running, the lobby, chat, the matches, forum, and more.

So, moving forward and to be able to hande the server load as the number of players increase, I will be offering a premium service that allows you to host your own matches on these servers. Note: the current mode of play, with a number of predefined setups will remain basically as it is today, and will still be free. Premium will be an optional service for hosting matches, it’s not for buying upgrades, it’s not pay-to-win, not for removing artificial barriers or annoying ads (as there are none to remove).

Match hosting is still in development, but you can get Early Access by signing up on Patreon.

You get access to the desktop version and all premuim features as they are implemented.

Feature-wise the roadmap currently looks like this:

The map editor and custom map hosting is now working. There are a few issues remaining to be solved and current focus is to test and fix the custom map feature. And implement the big missing one: map save.

Custom armies comes next. That is, being able to pick your units at the start of the battle. It’s the top 1 requested feature. This will allow for a more varied game play, and being able to play in your own preferred style.

Then I’ll take time to rework the battle mechanics. There are many little details and adjustments to work on: fatigue, line-of-sight, path finding, combat resolution, advanced commands and formations, and much more. Custom maps and armies will make it more important than before that the mechanics are robust and being able to accurately simulate more varied environments.

Those are the three major features required for a first release of the premium service. There are many other important features, such as graphics improvements, solo scenarios, or campaign mode. It will get to those in time.

Playing the map that I edited