DevLog 2018-12-02



Here’s a short report about the current state of development and some kind of roadmap of things to come. If I would have to formulate something like a development plan (I’m not very good at that) there would be three phases: the research phase, the foundation phase, and the feature phase.

The research phase is already done and completed. The goal was to investigate the required technology and the scope of the game.

I’m now in the foundation phase and underway implementing the architecture to support the open-ended gaming platform that is the vision of this project. Much of the inspiration comes from the community activities in this forum, like the warrior’s bank, territory wars, and so on. The goals for this phase are:

  • No glitches, especially no crashes and no lag under normal network conditions. The reason should be obvious.
  • Finalizing existing features that are unfinished or unpolished (some gestures, etc).
  • To be able to create and share battle scenarios, showcasing practice and tutorial battles. A javascript can use the Api to control enemy units for single-player or co-op story driven scenarios, or add new victory conditions, like king-of-the-hill, for multi-player battles.
  • To be able to create matchmaker bots, showcasing an ELO-base ladder system. Similar to how discord bots work, a matchmaker bot can be a moderator and referee for a series of battles, automatically doing things like keeping score or updating territory maps.
  • To be able to host matches in online communities, forums, etc, showcasing an integrated discord lobby. Share a link to invite a friend, shouldn’t be more complicated than that.

I expect to be releasing updates irregularly during the foundation phase, as some steps take longer than others. I still aim for releasing as often as I can, and as I’ve mentioned earlier I will usually release updates directly to the App Store / Play Store (no betas).

Then there’s the feature phase. While the feature wish-list is growing constantly, the primary goals will be:

  • To be able to create and share unit modules. For example romans, medieval, napoleonics, etc.
  • Improve the simulation model to be able to support additional weapon types, such as artillery.
  • Adding new terrain features, such as walls, bridges, and buildings.

I’m doing my best to get through the foundation phase and into the feature phase, because that’s where interesting things start to happen. But good code takes time, and it’s vitally important to get things right in the foundation phase. So I’m rescheduling the end of this phase to the end of Q1 2019.

Consequently, I’m extending Early Access into the next year: you’ll be able to sign up until Match 31 and if you have an Early Access pass it will be valid until April 30.


Wat about artillery? Is that somewhere down the road? I know I’m always going on about it but it rly will improve the game.