Direction change /aim multiple units at once


Now wouldnt that be bloody wonderfull!?


It would be good if you could do that with multi-select or whatever it’s called.


Precisely! and some tipe of multiselect arrow or one arrow aims all…yea like the movement! What a huge lift it would be!


What would be cool is if we could tap a unit then our archers would fire at it


Tap a unit and all archers fire at it would give arcade features to this game of depth and that is really not the way it should move forward in my opinion! Then it would have to be for all other troops too and all of a sudden its a different game! Simpler, arcady…maybe some candy crush players will even join the community!


What would be cool is special units that can mele well and can also use bows but not being better than archers


No it wouldnt be cool! This game has a solid format and the format should be believed in and stuck with! All of a sudden a new unit being alover the place killing everything in sight would also change the gameplay too much! It wouldn’t really add to what we have!


Make yari wall and cave have shock


It would be more like TW and money in the game would be lit like for armor and weapon upgrades and shit like in TW as I said befor and cav charge bonus would be cool also and limited amo also so people with archers at end dont just run whole game


I’m not completely satisfied with the command and camera gestures yet, and I plan on do some refinements once I get the server stuff working.


It would be great if you could choose to keep formation when moving or to just all move toward the one spot


You are destroying the game Scipio…Armer upgrades, arcade stuff…no thank you!


that might not be a bad idea


You must be shocked XD


It would be like Total War except maybe you wouldn’t be as good so you are afraid


It would probably be points earned by battle, so in any case my upgrades would be better than yours, so no, I dont have any reason to be afraid! I just want to keep the format I enjoy and save it (hopefully it doesn’t need saving) from bad, hasty taken, not carefully concidered ideas!


Not realy lol when I play I play a lot




So I would get a lot of money for upgrades


And only 3 upgrades would be cool like on tw