Direction change /aim multiple units at once


Not really, mostly schocked over the bad ideas! But that’s humanity in a nutshell, shouldn’t surprise!


One day I will forgive you Scipio for not understanding the beauty of this game!


I love this game No Mas but it needs a lot of work and if it wore more like total War maybe more people would join


First of all, total war is a conquest story game, where over time you build cities, train armies, develope new weaponry and modernise your army! EP is gathered over prolonged campaigns and stuff, its a totally different concept, exept for the similarities as a battlefield simulator! Weapons and armour upgrade is not even relevant for this format! Then it would have to be…I don’t even want to go there because it’s unprogressive, well it’s progressive in the wrong direction! This is like chess, there can be no upgrades in chess and that is why your idea is BAD! I’ll say it again…BAD! And that is what you fail to understand!


Chikacrni is totally right. The battlefield simulator element is similar (battle tactics) but the strategy of total war (choosing were to spend funds, which front to send reinforcements to, to commit forces to attack or to dig down and entrench your host, and of course diplomacy) is completely absent from SW.


Plus, weapons and armor upgrades would be pay 2 win


A voice of reason!


Like mongol cav. Archers and melee.


Its problematic adding units like that I think


Not completely unsolvable but difficult in unison with the “chess” type of gameplay


I still firmly believe in carefully…
very carefully adding complexity to what we already have!


So no one likes my unit idea


Fair enough. Can’t rly use the rock paper scissors mechanics on units like that. Skirmishers (javelin throwers) would be cool. Also Artillery, PLEASE ADD ARTILLERY!!!


Siege maps would be cool


Siege maps and arty go hand in hand. Walls could only be destroyed by arty. Also siege equipment like towers and battering rams. I guess I’m getting off topic from feudal japan.


Yeah but ladders would be cool


And possibly being able to pick up defeated enemies weapons and defeated allies weapons too


Civilization mode with apache helicopters in the end would be cool…Damn, hold your horses! Lets fix multiple aim!


I ment like on total War multi-player they give you an amount to buy an army


Its good to use your imagination, but maybe not let the mofer flow that wildely on this thread and topic!