Direction change /aim multiple units at once


Ya your right but say shield wall for the pikes and halberd units would be cool and also cav charge bonus


So what good would it be to pick up a weapon, everybody has a weapon and everybody is probably trained to use a particular weapon…are you gona turn archer into katana infantry! And then an action button to drop and pick up…whaaaaaaat! With that wild maginaion you should imagine youself playing your ideas before you give them as suggestions!


The use of the word “bonus” in asociation with this game makes me a bit sick in my stomach!


What do you mean by bonus


Like “cav charge BONUS”


The shield wall would be cool so the army’s can’t run through eachother


Oh OK but it would be cool like to be able to have a charge option charge


But hey you like upgrades, bonuses, level ups…sorry not meaning to put you down, but those ideas…


You have it, just charge…


it works on total war maybe it won’t work hear


You don’t get kill for charging though


I think I got my message through to developement in the first post…This thread is officially a whorehouse!


This game isn’t complex enough to support little details like that. Not yet perhaps.


they are ideas no mas just because they aren’t yours doesn’t make them bad ideas and maybe it might ruin the game but if Felix thinks they are cool he might as them


Sorry meant ad


Can I see the territory wars 3 map


The bad ideas are bad…its not just because I bla bla…


Try and write a legit argument instead of…just because you dont like them bla bla! I write arguments and explanations!


What do you expect me to be a politician or something


Talking like this you already are! I expect you to explain your ideas and when confronted about them to give a reasonable argument! Its called “discussion”!