Disappointed with the new gameplay feel


Too many bugs man the game runs like shit since all this joining the forum and updates bullshit the game is unplayable in my opinion especially for a tournament who’s idea was that the game is laggy as and it’s just a bunch of data mining crap and no results fkn disappointing

SW Tournament - April 2017

Oh, then fuck off and get out of SW bruh.
You know, there’s a positive way of describing your opinions. Not by inducing shit to it.


I refuse to play this game ever since Felix went out of his way to ruin it


This new version is total garbage.mi used to play this game all the time but I am quitting. Main problem is I can’t stop the troops by clicking on them. Why would this key feature be removed


I will do a new beta soon with control improvements. Unit controls is a critical feature, and your feedback is very important.


Just go back to original controls. They were the best. It sucks now and thats why there arwnt any good players here anymore