Early Access - How to do it


I need to sign up for Early Access. When I click on the play icon :arrow_forward:️, in the middle of my screen, it shows me the options: Practice, Map, Host a Match, and the final option is what looks like a hyper link to Early Access. Host a Match and the Early Access links do not work. Please help. Thanks!


The link for signing up is here:


You need to become a patreon supporter which the minimum is only 99 cents and it helps the development and I love this game so I myself am going to do it


Nikodil I don’t get future updates on TestFlight, can you send me another invite


There’s currently no beta in progress, so that’s why you don’t get updates from TestFlight. I hope to do a new beta soon (with gesture improvements and the command bar), and I will make an announcement as soon as it’s ready.